IMPORTANT UPDATE: WHOIS.SC managed to import the first 10,000 signature and duplicate the PetitionOnline system on their own servers! Nice job. This means you can still sign the petition (apparently 5000+ more signed up at PetitionOnline.com, but I don't have that data saved).

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Due to the extreme popularity of this petition, the PetitionOnline.com website is having major problems, and many folks are unable to sign the petition. And, it's only showing the first 178 comments, instead of the 10,000+ that signed in the first 2 days alone. You can still make a difference, though. I suggest:

1) Print out the petition text and FAX it to ICANN, at: 1.310.823.8649

2) E-mail a copy of it to: icann@icann.org, twomey@icann.org and, halloran@icann.org.

3) Support the ICANN Accountability Act of 2003 by contacting your government representatives using the links on that site.

A printout of the first 10,000 signatures (300 pages!) has been sent to ICANN via FedEx. See its tracking here (might take a few hours to show up, given it was just picked up on Friday afternoon).

# Name Comments Location Company
1 George Kirikos Verisign needs to stop this blatant abuse of the DNS. Toronto, Canada  
2 Steve Stoeser      
3 Frank Michlick   Oakville, Canada Degap
4 Oscar Wu   Toronto Tucows
5 Bill Laakkonen   Fort Myers Florida Im1
6 Jay Westerdal clear abuse of monopoly power to make a few buck at the worlds expense, why is Verisign entrusted with .COM registry? Bellevue, WA Name Intelligence, Inc.
7 Anthony Coffman   Akron, Ohio, USA  
8 Eric Martin      
9 Dave Carlin      
10 Matt Van Grinsven   Appleton Outboxes.com Network
11 Gordon Martin right on BC Canada DropWizard.com
12 Josef Grosch   Berkeley, Ca.  
13 Josh Melamed Stop Verisign Now! Canada Ê
14 Duff Reid   Kelowna, BC  Canada  
15 Dmitri Pavlenkov Don't make dumb standards Fort Myers, FL, USA  
16 Brian Kruger      
17 Wouter Vonk      
18 Daniel Stager Verisign is typosquating on trademarked names and using my non-server appointed property to generate revenue without my permission. New Hampshire  
19 Martin Bublitz      
20 Brad Britton Verisign was trusted to operate the DNS in a way to be fair to ALL people. They have betrayed this trust in exchange for profit. They are using their position to gain an unfair advantage over other businesses and people.    
21 Jeff Wasilko      
22 Raymond Bero      
23 Mark Petersen   Seattle, WA  USA Planet Nic
24 Eric Prigge Stop theft of the .com and .net space! Los Angeles, CA WebhostingONE
25 Chad Wright   Modesto CA WebQuest.com Inc.
26 Ewan Edwards   Victoria, BC, Canada  
27 Deid Reime      
28 Humfrey Brandes   London, UK  
29 Ewan Bain   Scotland  
30 Robert Deemer Stop the abuse versign. USA  
31 Nicholas B. Swift      
32 Farokh Irani      
33 Robert L Mathews     President, Tiger Technologies Internet Services
34 Kai Xue It may suck now but we should be enjoying this soon... California  
35 Yakov Shafranovich   USA  
36 Lewis W. Richards, III One of the greatest outrages since the start of the internet system. New Jersey, US  
37 Timothy R N J Wesson Increadable.  Ridiculous abuse of our namespace. Cambridge, England Freelance Programmer
38 Kevin M. Kelly A blatant abuse of DNS.  By resolving 'unregistered' domain names to their website, Verisign has co-opted the domain name thereby circumventing payment of the fees required for use of the domain name system. Iowa Kelly Webworks
39 Tim Woodcock   Victoria, BC, Canada BareMetal.com, inc.
40 Andy Gardner This is the result of ICANN letting Verisign give it a shafting over the net/org redelgation. Do something ICANN - JUST THIS ONCE!!!    
41 Larry Wentz IMO - the monopoly that Verisign has is dangerous for the Internet as a whole and an absolute outrage!    
42 Michael Schultheiss     Amellus Enterprises, Ltd.
43 Tarmo Tänav      
44 Anders Hellstrom      
45 Adrian Daminato      
46 Bill Weinman     bw.org
47 torben fjerdingstad   Denmark UNI-C
48 James W. Caruso, Sr. Customer of Versign: PayFlow Pro, etc. Roswell, GA U.S.A. MediaFirst PR - Atlanta
49 Joseph Ball      
50 Jeff Cronstrom   Massachusetts, USA Tzolkin Corp.
51 Joe Alagna Management of the Domain Name System is too important to be left to one company to do what it wants for profit.  It should be in the hands of a neutral service provider with no unfair advantage.  This reminds me of a type of insider trading.  It shouldn't be allowed. California, US  
52 Chris Campbell Verisign is blatantly rubbing this in the online industry's face!   WineGuy.com
53 Steven Cambridge      
54 Apu   Springfield, NJ NOC Services Corp.
55 Tim Hewitt     myOstrich Internet Services
56 Adam Strong Stop the abuse. USA  
57 Sue Ponsford   St. Paul, MN  
58 Doug Braun   ON, Canada Emerge2 Digital Inc.
59 Tumay Asena   CA Nokta.com Inc.
60 Barry W. Black   Sacramento, Ca, US my World Online
61 Don Lottig   Carlsbad, CA  
62 Eric Longman   Marietta, GA Atl-Connect Internet Services
63 Alan Bawden     Incompatible Time Sharing Systems
64 Ben Kennedy Yep, Verisign have repeatedly proved themselves to be a bad scene. Ottawa, ON, CA Zygoat Creative Tech
65 Rob Servis Verisign was given a 'public trust' to be allowed to manage the .COM and.NET registry, this is a use for their personal (corporate) gain which violates that public trust. Grand Rapids, MI WMIS Internet
66 Irma Timis     GT Media Inc
67 Eric Pratt This is nuts. I cannot believe this is happening. Orlando, FL  
68 steven sacks      
69 Dean Wolf      
70 FBP.net      
71 Lorely Bunoan This is just insane.  Stop!    
72 Ron James Network Solutions, the world's biggest cybersquatters now!  STOP IT!    
73 Ian C. Struckhoff   Enfield, NH USA & Sheffield, England  
74 Emmanuël Sustronck   Gent, Belgium One2Web
75 Carine Anseeuw   Gent, Belgium One2Web
76 Alex Cross      
77 T Brodie      
78 Tom Kiser thank you guys    
79 Les Eklund      
80 Bill Gerrard Verisign's abusive and unethical practices must be dealt with.  ICANN redelegate administration of .com and .net now!    
81 Douglas B. Dumitru   Laguna Hills, CA  USA EasyCo LLC
82 Jason Schaad Abuse of power - ICANN should be ashamed! Canada  
83 Richard Rakes     E1 Internet
84 Sandra Roussel I hate monopolies    
85 Andrew Crawford Sounds like a monopolistic action to me :( New Zealand  
86 Troy Martin   Australia  
87 Sam Silvester We have RFC's for a reason. Fix this now and ensure it can't happen again. Australia  
88 Oscar Petoskey As usual, Verisign is abusing it's position. Allen Park, Mi Rocket Network Solutions
89 Joey Olson They must be stopped. Mississauga, Ontario  
90 Suraj Subramanian   Mumbai MH India CWS
91 Nitin Agarwal This is not the way DNS is supposed to or should be allowed to work on a top level domain (.com, .net, etc.). Lets stop it! Fishkill, NY, USA RegisterSite.com
92 E.S. Kellermann This stupidity must be stopped.  Verisign has gone WAY too far this time.    
93 Doug Friend Yet another abuse of the registry.  At a minimum, Verisign should be given a a choice of running NSI or the registry, not both.  Not sure which one I'd hope they would choose... http://register4less.com  
94 Andrew Aylett   Â
95 Chris Scott They need to be stopped Orlando, FL US  
96 Tugrul Galatali   New York, NY  
97 Aaron Howell   Kennewick, WA  
98 Grant Keiser what Verisign is doing violates the spirit of the Internet USA  
99 Marc van den Dikkenberg      
100 Liam Delahunty   Â
101 Dan Troxel     Systems Solutions Inc.
102 Daniel Puzey   Biggleswade, UK Aragon Housing Association
103 Joseph Toon   Tempe, AZ GeckoHost
104 David Manura   Ringoes, NJ Scientific Instrument Services, Inc.
105 Patrick J. Kobly   Edmonton, AB, CANADA  
106 Keith Ivey   Washington, DC, USA  
107 Stephen Lake      
108 C Jones Perhaps it's time for another non-profit organization to take over management.  Verisign seems to be taking advantage of the public's trust and largesse.     
109 Tom McDonald      
110 James Rouzier      
111 Kirk Lanam   Network Operations Center Wolfnet Worldwide, Inc.
112 Jeremy Anthony Kinsey     Bella Mia, Inc.
113 Jack Evans      
114 Matt Weiland      
115 Jay Levine Stop the Verisign abuse!!!  Enough already! Ossining, NY  
116 Keith Baxter      
117 John Berryhill      
118 Charlie Livingston This is a blatant abuse of Verisign's position in the current DNS system and at best a dirty, monopolistic ploy Ontario, Canada sysninjas.com
119 Paul Hyland      
120 Sean Mitchell      
121 David Engels, Jr. This whole thing is a farce... Some of Verisign's own .com customers are having tech. problems because of this!   www.verisignsurelysmokescrack.com
122 John Evans      
123 Brian O'Donnell      
124 Stop Crying      
125 Terry I'm a spammer and I tink what verisign have done is superb... just think all my forged headers will now have a real website... GO VERISIGN    
126 Zachary Mutrux Versign's action is completely unconscionable. These irresponsible ingrates are violating the public trust through their mismanagement of the DNS system. Their corporate charter should be revoked and all their business cards burned in a large pile. San Francisco, CA, USA  
127 Justin King      
128 Dan Bendig   Saddle Brook, NJ  
129 Michael Loggie   Canada  
130 Eric Will   St. Louis, Illinois  
131 Charles E. White      
132 Sandy Harris   Canadian In China www.minriver.org
133 Richard Marceau This breaks a number of log-processing scripts and is costing me real time. VeriSign business practices have been questioned before and they clearly don't grasp the concept of "stewardship" -- time to give them the boot. Massachusetts, USA disorganized.org
134 Paul Heldt   Arvada, Colorado USA Axis Internet Design
135 nick wilsdon   brighton, UK e3internet limited
136 Stephen Knilans   IN  
137 Chris Sweeney   Cincinnati, OH  
138 Kasia Trapszo      
139 Mark Beatty This is an unfair an monopolistic use of information for the good of only one company, and bypassed normal error  procedures with the potential cause of user confustion or misdirection.    
140 Daniele Orlandi   Milano - Italy Utility Line Italia
141 Burke Almquist   Fargo, ND Mindfire Studios
142 Russell Adams   Tulsa, OK Tulsa Web Design
143 Davinderpal S Bhatia If some other corporation was exclusively doing this how would executives of Verisign feel ? NewYork Patiala.com
144 Thomas Eleam      
145 Sandra Bowman      
146 Jawaid Bazyar Unbelievable! This move by VeriSign cost us an unknown amount of money in system administrator time and extra bandwidth used. Plus, it has broken a number of our in-house OSS systems which we will have to spend funds to rewrite. Denver, CO foreThought.net
147 John Gilligan   Burlington, NJ,  USA West Jersey Technologies
148 Christian Nielsen This abuse must stop at once! Minneapolis, MN USA Nielsen Technical Services
149 Garry Chernoff      
150 James James Verisign needs to stop abusing its power. This latest gimick breaks lots of software that depend on NXDOMAIN responses and deprives users of their CHOICE of what to do when an incorrect domain name is entered. San Francisco, CA  
151 Blain W. Sadler The intrusion of corporate interests into the very lifeblood of the internet only continues the disturbing trend of corporate interests trampling the will of the people.  The internet, it seems, will not long be the last bastion of humanity in a world driven by money. Burlington, VT Helix Internet Technologies, Inc.
152 Daniel Shookowsky      
153 Don Cameron A blatant abuse of our network - worse than Spam Regional NSW  
154 JK Graham PLEASE put a stop to this!!!!    
155 Jim Cheetham   New Zealand iNode
156 Mike Price Stop the Verisign Monopoly NJ  
157 Darin A. Gordon      
158 Stephen Schwetz   Newcastle, NSW, Australia Stephen Schwetz Information Technology
159 Ryan Brothers      
160 John N. White Retired US expatriate Guadalajara. Mexico Team Ozonador
161 Ken Claussen Why doesn't the justice department investigate these types of business practices? Columbus, OH  
162 Lynn W. Taylor      
163 Sister Mary Elizabeth, OSM   San Juan Capistrano, CA AEGiS
164 Tony Stirk   Springfield, VA Iron Horse
165 Seth Jacobs I strongly object to Verisign's actions. Dixon, CA OnRamp113
166 Kenneth  D. Wolfe      
167 William J.Flood I own an ISP and see this action as being wrong in a business sense. Marathon, Wisconsin AirRunner Networks LLC
168 Sayamindu Dasgupta  India Â
169 Charles Miller Verisign are abusing their monopoly. Australia  
170 Jack Evans      
171 Edward C Tomlinson All your Domain Name typos are not belong to VeriSign!    
172 Dora Gerber   Geneva, Switzerland  
173 David Wakerley   Sydney  
174 matt ames   new york, ny  
175 jason kleinermanns      
176 John Taylor No organisation should ever be allowed to have a monopoly United Kingdom Lakeshost.com
177 J Jones Known as "VerySlimy" for good reason!    
178 Geoff Brozny   Columbus, Ohio Glorb Internet Services
179 Ashish Pawaskar This tactic scks and should cause a stink to big that verisign goes out of business! INDIA Internet Wizards
180 Mark de Vries   Netherlands  
181 David W. Hodgins   London, Ontario, Canada  
182 David K Mentor      
183 Ralph Moore      
184 Bryan Yambao      
185 Larry E. Glackin      
186 George Cao this is evil, disgusting, and will go down history as one of the ugliest performance of big business america. sunnyvale, ca  
187 Rich Graves   Massachusetts, USA Brandeis University
188 Max Andersen   Denmark Nord Data a/s
189 Per olof Ljungmark     Intersonic AB
190 Tony Mountifield   UK Software Insight Ltd
191 roxanne naylor these people have to be stopped Vanuatu fnsvanuatu.com
192 John McLusky      
193 Robin Bandy This is a blatant abuse of their standing as the contracted operator for the .com and .net TLDs. Oakland, CA CLIQ Services
194 Michael Baehr      
195 Anutarapun Pugdechat      
196 Bronwyn Evans   Queensland, Australia GympieOnline
197 Philipp Grosswiler   Switzerland swiss-design.net GmbH
198 CLEMENT Ahmad   FRANCE  
199 David Bowersox   Southern California  
200 Serge K. Keller   Fribourg (Switzerland) Publipress
201 Chris Cogdon      
202 Mike Heins   Hamilton, OH  
203 Claude LaFrenière no comment ! Canada  
204 Fabien LE LEZ   Morlaix, France  
205 David Watkins How many corporate black hats do we need? Louisville Colorado hollyconnects.com
206 Stefan Nesbitt   Scotland Turtle Design
207 Timothée Guicherd   Paris, France  
208 Stéphane Dupille   France  
209 Azuriel      
210 Stéphane Bortzmeyer   Paris Speaking in personal name, use Google to find my company :-)
211 Luke Amore   Sydney, Australia  
212 Martin Kennard This is the value of trust? UK  
213 LALET   Bordeaux (France) ENSEIRB
214 Bettan   Paris  
215 Alexis Januskiewicz   France  
216 Lars Sørensen      
217 Peter Mogensen chairman Denmark Digital Forbruger Danmark
218 Alessandro Forghieri      
219 Jeppe Winther Larsen   Denmark  
220 John Stilwell   Washington, Pa USA  
221 Nicolai Schlenzig Veri Veri sad sign... Denmark ISP
222 Andreas Nielsen Please stop it.... Denmark Boston
223 Tony Brandrick I object to Verisign returning a web page I did not request. United Kingdom  
224 Tina Phippin this abuse must be stopped now UK  
225 Josse Laurent   France  
226 Anders Olsen   Denmark  
227 Johnnie Hougaard Nielsen Like getting a telco salesman when dialing an invalid number Denmark  
228 Jérôme D.  Paris Â
229 Manuel Gueesdon   France Oxymium
230 Thierry Murail   Paris (France)  
231 Philip Schubell   Denmark  
232 Raphael Jacquot   Grenoble, France Institut de recherche Imag
233 Christophe BAEGERT These guys are crooks ! France EuropeanServers.net
234 heretic stop it... australia  
235 Rick Hodger     DomainsBuy.com
236 Bruce R. Mehlman      
237 Erik Andersen      
238 Huttin   France, Nice  
239 Fernandez Boris Verisign is playing what all of us scared before : Monopoly.   What next ? Resell domain name without registrant agreement ? Is it time to discuss verisign action and allow non-benefit organisation to manage com and .net ? France individual
240 Marc Storck      
241 Jesper E. Siig   Copenhagen, Denmark  
242 Terry Jones Stop the rot NOW! Sydney, Australia  
243 Jason Duke If this isn't illegal it is definately immoral and breaks the DNS in almost all cases for MX records. A spammer's delight London Strangelogic
244 Mikkel Sarup   Copenhagen, Denmark Christianshavns Gymnasium
245 Rene   Denmark  
246 Kasper Henriksen   Denmark  
247 Reister Sebastien   France  
248 Morten Krøyer   Copenhagen - denmark  
249 Keith Davidson Now an Ex-Verisign customer New Zealand  
250 George Crook   England, UK  
251 KARA Soraya They want always more power! Paris individual
252 Thomas Petersen   Denmark NIRAS
253 Alan Gordon   UK  
254 Magne Haagen Flatval     Volenteer DMOZ editor.
255 Steve   London  
256 Kåre Brandborg Worst idea EVER Verisign! Go die plz Denmark EUCNord
257 Ask Just   Denmark  
258 Rich     A real crap one.
259 Ivan S Cronyn   United Kingdom  
260 Alex Brown This is outrageous and needs to change. England  
261 Oscar Roozen   The Netherlands  
262 Jeroen Boomgaardt   Hilversum, The Netherlands Swissclue
263 Andrew Thompson      
264 Fergus Obyrne   England UK  
265 Matthias Leisi   Switzerland  
266 Paul Kennedy      
267 Simon Green   Auckland, New Zealand  
268 Mark Petrie   Christchurch Snap Internet
269 Morten Nielsen   DK  
270 Don Stokes      
271 Alex Holst      
272 Allan Joergensen   Denmark DMdata
273 Michael Legart   Denmark  
274 Peter Lowish   Nelson, New Zealand  
275 Thomas Labourdette   France  
276 Soeren Nielsen   Denmark  
277 Søren Pedersen   Denmark JOLT
278 Per Bau   Denmark Delta Software A/S
279 Dean Moreton such villainousness demeanor is not permissible New Zealand  
280 Christian V. Ugliest hack ever! /Comic book guy Denmark Broothal inc.
281 Fabio stop verisign DNS abuse italy  
282 Kresten Kjeldgaard   Denmark  
283 Jan Bruns I hope they will reconsider Denmark  
284 boubaker     CENA
285 heddy      
286 Erik Foppen   Netherlands ARPBV
287 Gabriele Giambonini      
288 Jørgen Elgaard Larsen   Copenhagen, Denmark Elgaard Data
289 Ewen McNeill      
290 Gordon Taylor This is a shameless abuse of power in pursuit of cheap self promotion and a risk to online security. Preston UK Interactive Dimension Ltd
291 Dennis Micheelsen   Aalborg Denmark
292 Fredrik Rambris   Malmoe, Sweden InStiro AB
293 Dennis Andersen   Denmark  
294 Joep Mathijssen   Netherlands Clickhere
295 Robert Westhead All Verisign domains should be added to the spam blacklists if this continues.    
296 François   France www.confidentiel.net
297 Darryl (Dassa) Lynch The fact some registered domains are being caught up in this is of real concern. Australia DHS International Pty Ltd
298 Frederic Senault   Liege, Belgium MIMS SA
299 Gregoire      
300 Johan Holst Nielsen   Denmark, Greve  
301 Herman DIE VERISIGN!!! Amsterdam, NL  
302 Thomas Pedoussaut Sys/Net Admin Dublin, IRELAND  
303 Anders Giversen   Denmark  
304 Dannemark Cédric   Belgium  
305 Lee Miller Verisign stop abusing your position! Christchurch, New Zealand  
306 Maurice Svay   France  
307 Fernandez Boris Verisign is playing what all of us scared before : Monopoly.   What next ? Resell domain name without registrant agreement ? Is it time to discuss verisign action and allow non-benefit organisation to manage com and .net ? France individual
308 Raoul Gough A cynical attempt to profit from control of root DNS servers, with no regard for network design issues United Kingdom  
309 Fagyal CSONGOR   Budapest, Hungary  
310 Matt Brown   New Zealand  
311 MINOZA      
312 Christian Aldrin Wikström   Denmark AldrinIT
313 Hurtevent Vincent   France  
314 David Farrar Marketing desires should not over-ride technical concerns New Zealand InternetNZ
315 Frank Rachlitz   Denmark  
316 Dieter Kristiansen   2300 Copenhagen, Denmark TWOO-SOFT
317 Peter Fjelsten      
318 Piet Paulusma      
319 Joanna Lane   New York, USA  
320 Jesper Monsted      
321 Paul Jongsma   Amsterdam, Netherlands WEBtic
322 Fabio God Save The Net Milano  
323 Fabio Porcedda      
324 Mira Brands   Netherlands  
325 Christian Mønsted   Denmark Lynx Media A/S
326 Mike Varak      
327 Nick Brooke This is unacceptable UK  
328 Pierre      
329 David Leighton      
330 Nils      
331 Bjorn Davidsson   Iceand Snerpa ISP
332 Bernard Vos   Netherlands  
333 Andy Coates totally stupid of verisign, very ignorant.    
334 rob      
335 konstantin metha      
336 James Farrow Please make it go away!    
337 Gert-Jan van Krevelen   Netherlands  
338 Garault   Paris  
339 Vincent Wevers   Almelo (NL)  
340 Arno Brouwer      
341 Jason Hill     http://www.movingagain.com.au
342 Daniele Acquadro      
343 Dubout   France  
344 Dan Bayliss      
345 Sir Jaguar      
346 Giovanni Franza   Cinisello Balsamo - Milano - Italy MG Engineering
347 Patrick (Pe3K) Oudejans   The Hague, The Netherlands  
348 D'Elia Raffaele Hope it helps... Italy CORWEB Informatica
349 Luca Lironi   Italy  
350 Michael Knudsen   Denmark  
351 Jan Inge Ohren   Norway  
352 Claus M. Arwilk   DK  
353 Kim Nielsen      
354 Espen Randen   Norway Rikshospitalet HF
355 roberto bambini      
356 Thomas Christensen      
357 Thomas Lundstroem   Denmark Student
358 Rob Marlowe Just the latest slimey Verisign stunt    
359 Schetinin Sergey   Kiev, Ukraine Maluke Co.
360 Christian Andersen Sneakemail-address points to real address Denmark  
361 Perry Lorier   Â
362 Karsten Schmidt   DK  
363 Michael Aronsen Well what they did just plain old stinks! Denmark  
364 Graham Gold Totally Unacceptable. Verisign should have control of the .COM and .NET TLD's removed as they have abused their power. UK  
365 Peter Larsen Unacceptable! Denmark www.gratisdns.dk
366 Gorm J. Siiger   Denmark SonnIT
367 Søren Andersen   Denmark  
368 Morten W. Nissen   Denmark 6000  
369 Søren Amtorp     amtorp.net
370 Jacob Pedersen   Denmark  
371 Anthony R.      
372 Svend Erik Høst   Copenhagen Denmark
373 Richard Clark Verisign:  Bad dog, no cookie Detroit, MI  
374 Alexander van den Hurk   Amsterdam - Netherlands  
375 Lars Erhardsen   Denmark Jubii A/S
376 Brian Kenneth Nielsen   Roskilde, Denmark  
377 Martin Grumloese   Denmark  
379 klaus kolle      
380 Gren-C. Kass   Tallinn, Estonia  
381 Christoffer Kjølbæk   Denmark  
382 Jens Olsen      
383 Henrik Nielsen      
384 Kenneth Joergensen Totally unacceptable!!! Denmark  
385 Thomas Kingo   Denmark  
386 Bruce Smith      
387 Dave Badminton      
388 Jens Andreas Kristensen   Denmark  
389 Anti Veeranna   Estonia AutomatWeb.com
390 Cunuder   France DreamNet
391 Gabe Thomas      
392 Alan Liu   MD  
393 Adam Szmigin A disgraceful abuse of power UK  
394 Fred   France  
395 Jacob Nielsen      
396 Ísak Jón Benjamínsson   Ísafjörður Iceland Snerpa ehf
397 Bertel Lund Hansen   Horsens, Denmark Private
398 Seulrat no comment France Freelancer
399 Kim Berg Pedersen   Denmark  
400 Marco Bau   Italy  
401 Erwin Lansing      
402 Jens Hoffmann Olsen   Denmark Lyngby Uddannelsescenter
403 Einar Johnson Please use your head before implementing a DNS wildcard like this, I am sure that not all of your engineers are stupid. England private
404 Áki Barkarson This misuse of the root servers must end Reykjavik, Iceland Skyggnir hf
405 Henrik Feldinger   Denmark  
406 Tim Boyer     Denman Tire Corporation
407 Ian Cass      
408 Carsten Gram   Denmark Carsten Gram Webdesign
409 Casey Carmical      
410 Furio Ercolessi   Trieste, Italy Spin S.r.l. (ISP)
411 Xavier Henner   France Nerim
412 wiggert   Amsterdam ISIZ BV
413 Edward Yardley Come on Verisign - play fair! New Zealand Edan Technologies Limited
414 Chemla Laurent  Paris (France) Gandi.net
415 Henry Karpatskij   Helsinki.FI  
416 Lasse Møller   Denmark  
417 Harvey Kaplan Stop This Now Atlanta, Ga.  
418 Paul Armstrong      
419 Julien Lesaint Verisign did something really *bad*... Paris, FR Eq/TPC
420 G. tourrand      
421 Andrea Pasquinucci   Italy  
422 Niels Callesøe      
423 Hans Kvik Stop this abuse now! Roedovre, Denmark  
424 Morten Liebach I'll remember to never buy anything from Verisign or their partners. Copenhagen, Denmark.  
425 Mikko Silvonen Can we trust this company in the future? Helsinki, Finland  
426 William Leibzon This is not the first time verisign marketing practices have been found to be against the law (or in this case breaking network protocol standards). ICANN should reexaming its contact with Verisign and clearly state what they should and should not do if they want to keep .com zone. Santa Clara Elan Networks
427 Audiard Jérôme      
428 Jean-Philippe DEMON   France  
429 Frederic Schmitz      
430 Colin B. Wass An abuse of power Spain Hostspain SC
431 Dumon  Joachim      
432 Verisucks You make money with mistakes of people... Nice for the "Value of Trust" :( France FSF
433 Bert Whetstone      
434 Michael Lefevre   London, UK  
435 Gerard Quite annoyed about the now unstopable resolvable spam The Netherlands  
436 Robert Brink      
437 Christopher Deckers      
438 Dupuis Stephane   France  
439 Mathew Meins   Griffith NSW, AUSTRALIA  
440 Bill Gates What about my MSN search site now ? Are u stupid ? Seattle, USA MICROSOFT
441 Leonardo Collinelli   Forlì, Italy  
442 Michael Hirsch      
443 Jesper G. Lundgreen   Cph, Denmark  
444 Gunnar Orvarsson A serious attack against the foundation of the Internet Iceland Directorate of Fisheries
445 Magnus Madsen      
446 Erik Lauridsen   Copenhagen - Denmark  
447 Paulo Castro   Porto - Portugal  
448 Olivier Tharan   France  
449 Alif Terranson   St. Louis. Missouri Missouri FreeNet
450 Lasse Nilsen      
451 Giovane Elber Verisign "The value of trust ?" ROFL... The Internet is free, get out. LYON, FRANCE None
452 Tom Nuss   The Netherlands  
453 Elias Halldor Agustsson This breaks a lot of stuff. It must be stopped.   University of Iceland
455 Anders Hovmöller   Sweden NORTHERN
456 Bernard Grymonpon   Gent  
457 Xavier Jacques Côté      
458 Guihéry Frédéric Verysign is killing Internet ! Coutances(50) - France  
459 Chris Brazil Totally unacceptable unless Versisign wish to pay the registry fee for the domains that they are hijacking UK  
460 Frank   Germany  
461 Mike Meredith   UK University of Portsmouth
462 Karl-Erlend Mikalsen Gotta catch them all......grrrr Norway  
463 Bertrand Achard      
464 Beppe      
465 Robert Militar      
466 NeoWave      
467 Laurence V. Marks   Raleigh, NC, USA  
468 Yves Martel Stop the abuse! Canada Oricom Internet
469 Stravinsky big brother (m$) was watching yo via msn... now big brothers are watching you... France /
470 Michael Wallmannsberger      
471 casanova      
472 Noel Butler , CEO Auschat Internet verisigns stupidity is taken to a new high, or should that be low, but in any case we are filtering ALL of verisign and network solutions IP subnets, to hell with these tossers! Australia Auschat Internet
473 Torben Soerensen   Copenhagen, Denmark Casalogic,
474 Gianluca Corrias   Italy Sunerg
475 Antoine Saint-Marc   Lyon, France  
476 Marko Lamminen   Finland  
477 Klaus Alexander Seistrup   Copenhagen, Denmark  
478 Gastaldi Sébastien      
479 R. Hoek Verisign must STOP!    
480 Henrik Stidsen   Danmark  
481 Pascal Cazabat   Paris Adesium
482 Frederic Benoit Stop this ! Paris, France none
483 Mjules      
484 Rod Ellery   London  
485 Moriniere      
486 Peter Willendrup      
487 Sam Bashton   UK IP Support
488 THOMAS Tristan   France (42)  
489 Brian Albertsen      
490 Jim Credlnd Idiots!    
491 Charles Oriez   Denver, CO Sierra Club Rocky Mountain Chapter
492 Gabriel Zach   Vienna, Austria  
493 Tonio   France Zuland
494 Phil Kinsley Lame, Very Lame move verisign..    
495 Olivier Baum This is ridiculous, and should be stopped! Belgium BASM
496 De Luyck Jan   Belgium  
497 Baldur Gislason Wasn't a guy prosecuted in the States lately for pretty much the same thing? Buying misspelled domains and putting ads on them.    
498 Alessio Porcacchia is a shame that verisign made this    
499 WOLFF Frank   Grenoble, France  
500 Ewan Christie   UK  
501 Alessandro Zummo   Turin, Italy Tower Technologies
502 Andy Smith   Brighton, UK  
503 Anders Pedersen      
504 Kenneth Geisshirt   Vanløse, Denmark  
505 Jesper Sorensen This is a fatal mistake by Verisign, as they are violating a basic dns spec. Denmark  
506 Amders Pedersen   Copenhagen, Denmark Xennon
507 Troy Davisson      
508 God      
509 Christopher Ranschaert   Belgium - Gent  
510 Per Marker Mortensen   Copenhagen, Denmark Advanced Network Consulting
511 Cybertroll      
512 Rick Lyons     Australia
513 Julian Squires   St. John's, Canada  
514 Giannoni Grégory   France  
515 David Taylor This change is purely in the financial interests of Verisign and, despite their claims, has nothing to do with helping users. Scotland  
516 Loïc AUDY   FRANCE  
517 Markus Klötzer      
518 William Ragsdale      
519 Allali Julien   France University of Marne La Vallée
520 Soeren Berg Glasius   Denmark  
521 Chauvet      
522 Thomas Equeter   Belgium  
523 Martin Daoust   France  
524 FABOF enculés !! Paris Zuland
525 Rasmus Larsen      
526 Sölvi Páll Ásgeirsson VeriSign are now just a new type of spammers. Iceland  
527 Simon Svensson      
528 Manuel Rossard   France  
529 Filip Van Raemdonck      
530 Magnus Henoch      
531 Brunel Alexandre   France  
532 Ronald D. Edge This must be stopped IMMEDIATELY, it is a monopolisitic and abusive action, unheard of. Bloomington, IN edgeinfotech.com
533 Gachon none France G.C.I.M
534 David Carter   UK  
535 Sveinn H. Oddsson   Iceland Directorate of Fisheries
536 David Sawford   UK  
537 Thomas Butter      
538 Ed Schmollinger   Madison, WI Alliant Energy
539 Alexander Scott   Leicester, UK  
540 Nicolas Ross   Quebec, QC, Canada CyberCat inc.
541 oliver marshall      
542 R. Scott Perry Shame on you, Verisign. Worcester, MA  USA DNSstuff.com
543 Charles N. Goes   Chicago, IL Digital Interplay
544 Mike Price Stop the Verisign Monopoly NJ  
545 Phil Temperly   Canberra, Australia  
546 Thomas Parslow How on earth could this even be considered? Verisign needs to be removed from its monopoly now! Brighton, UK  
547 Rune Olsen   Denmark  
548 Rasmus Thomsen Shame on Verisign Denmark  
549 laurent raufaste   Toulouse, France  
550 Ronny Bangsund      
551 Winston Neutel   Toronto Broken Productions
552 David Burkardt   Switzerland  
553 Nowicki Christophe Stop that! France  
554 Vinny Abello      
555 LEBEL      
556 carre   france  
557 Edward Zurick      
558 Benjamin Short This is a gross misuse of power by, what should be, a trusted steward of the Internet.    
559 Roman Studer   Switzerland  
560 Jack Evans      
561 Peter Fuggle      
562 Jacob Brandrup   Denmark  
563 Alex Palmese      
564 Rasmus Vanggaard Knudsen      
565 Ronald Fallona Will inhibit antispam efforts Dallas, TX USA  
566 Jonathan Kovacs   Ottawa, Canada Global IQX
567 Martin Peikert      
568 Thomas Rasmussen   Denmark  
569 Palle Ehmsen   Denmark  
570 Andreas Greed is just an "adorable virtue" ... @#$*&@ hellas  
571 Jason Livingston   Japan  
572 Dave Ockwell-Jenner   Kitchener, Canada Solar Nexus Solutions
573 Gareth Tupper Where's the RFC?    
574 Brad Webb   Sydney Australia  
575 Jeff Reed   Atlanta, GA  
576 Gregory Hicks   California Cadence Design systems
577 Tom Coady      
578 Simon Burr      
579 Bobby T      
580 Kevin A. Smith   Raleigh, NC  
581 Dany Boucher      
582 Charles Chambers      
583 Aaron Wiebe   Ontario Canada Epiwerx Industries
584 Philippe April This breaks DNS and is just a bad idea, I am against it Montreal, Quebec, Canada  
585 Justin Pelling      
586 Kurt Schreiner   Germany Johannes Gutenberg-Universitaet
587 Martin Fluch   Helsinki, Finland University of Helsinki
588 Raf Guns      
589 Nathaniel Price      
590 Frans King   Manchester Manchester University
591 Crémault Pierre   France, Decize  
592 Damon Grace Verisign is abusing their postion with both the Next Registration Rights service and the SiteFinder service. These monopolistic practices need to be stopped or their position revoked. New York  
593 George Fremin III      
594 Vittorio Faraoni      
595 Jesper Dybdal   Denmark  
596 Ian Crozier This is just wrong Queensland, Australia  
597 Gni Power France  
598 Costyn van Dongen   Utrecht, the Netherlands  
599 Vladimir Petrovic   Â
600 Vladimiro Marassi   Italy  
601 Steve Jolly   London, UK  
602 Marc Rinfret   Canada  
603 Macarie Neculai This should not have benn done. I will change all site certificates from Verisign to another company. Romania Nexc Corporation
604 Paul J. Ste. Marie   Middletown, Ohio, USA  
605 Colin Leroy   Toulouse / France  
606 Richard Dobson   Peru  
607 Kasper Ibsen Beck   Denmark  
608 Pascal Nowak   Puteaux France
609 Klaus Malorny   Germany Knipp Medien und Kommunikation GmbH
610 Peter Beckman Stop Verisign NOW! Falls Church, VA Purplecow Industrie
611 TRANCHAND Daniel free www France  
612 Romana Challans   Australia  
613 Marcus Williams     Quintic Ltd
614 Gaelan D'costa Breaking the Internet infrastructure is not worth the profit Ontario, Canada  
615 Darrin Wortlehock   UK  
616 FRISEE Laurent   Belgium  
617 Bob Ball      
618 Craig Ringer This is causing us major technical problems, and is generally disgusting behaviour. Perth, Western Australia POST Newspapers
619 Andy Blanchard This is a blatant violation of Verisign's remit, goes against the wishes of the IETF, the IAB and the majority of DNS admins and knowledeable Internet users.  In addition this is causing havoc with any services that uses the NXDOMAIN response as part of its operation, not to mention the potential for senders of spam to have a field day.  Given that Verisign is, on paper at least, answerable to ICANN on this matter can the ICANN board at least discuss and vote on whether this kind of action if permissable from its TLD operators so that the community knows where it stands? Manchester, UK United Utilities
620 John Pearce   Australia  
621 Anders Jeppesen come on verisign, think! Denmark  
622 john m flinchbaugh      
623 Kim Gosselin No Comments, just stop Verisign Belgium LetsTalk
624 Jean-Etienne Poirrier   Liege University of Liege
625 Brady Bowen What's to stop them from rerouting my domain now and again using this same tactic? Framingham, Massachusetts Home User
626 Josh Welch      
627 Søren Myler   denmark  
628 Pierre-Yves Taczynski What the hell are you doing?! Nice [ France ] Computa Center
629 Ravindranath Ramjatan   Terre Rouge Mauritius  
630 Tom Vogt   Germany  
631 Dave Rigby      
632 Si Sutcliffe   Cambridge, UK  
633 Mikko Matilainen   Finland  
634 Peter Craigmile      
635 Richard Grimwood I am Technical Director of a UK ISP   Moving-edge.net
636 Eric Esposito   New Hampshire, USA Silver Technologies, Inc.
637 Alexander Kjäll   Stockholm, Sweden student
638 Jonathan A. Irwin You were entrusted with our DNS. Why did you violate that trust? What makes you think the Internet is your personal billboard?    
639 Robert Marcano      
640 De Wachter Peter      
641 Robert Wildt      
642 Jim Howes   Portsmouth, UK Prosig Limited
643 Rob Morris   NC Irongaze Studios
644 Ryan Todd     pogox.com
645 Thomas Horsten   UK  
646 Gustav Olsen   Denmark  
647 Stephan Grobety      
648 Torben Meyhoff Stop verisign!!! Denmark Private
649 Millet   France  
650 Guðni Helgason   Iceland  
651 Nick Ruisi   Clifton Park, NY Vertis Media and Marketing Services
652 Roy M. Silvernail Owner: rant-central.com, threat-advisory.com, geocruising.com, brflgnk.net Cincinnati, OH USA  
653 Hugo Josefson   Malmö, Sweden  
654 Sébastien Marouani   Paris  
655 Ruaidhri Power   Dublin, Ireland  
656 Joseph Peace      
657 Eris Caffee   Houston, TX eldalin.com
658 Grant Stavely   Columbia, MD Guru,  Inc.
659 Guillaud Franck      
660 Alain Knaff Not only does sitefinder wreck spam detection, but it also endangers secondary MX records Luxembourg  
661 jason wagstaff      
662 Jeff Beley      
663 Scott D. Barker      
664 Peter Kovacs   Boston, MA  
665 bipbip ... Floride/Caribbean /
666 Rousseau hervé   Munster Ovanet
667 Jon Masters      
668 Michael Andersen Nexø      
669 James Burns-Howell      
670 Jim Bennett Typical Modern Business Behavior Chicago None
671 Patrik Hall      
672 Mark McConnell I own several domains through Verisign,  I'll be transfering soon.. Duluth, MN SqueekyClean Web Services
673 Michael Pirnat      
674 David FitzGerald      
675 Richard Lamont      
676 Joakim Guldbrandzen      
677 Mario Benvenuti   Valentano, Vt (Italy) ComputerVille
678 Patrick Viet This is total abuse Paris, France Azuria
679 Etienne Goyer      
680 Bjarni Rúnar Einarsson   Iceland FRISK Software International
681 Greg Klaus     TIMEatics
682 Ourgaud   France Optimise
683 Arnaud de Bermingham WHAT ???? This is a joke!! it's not possible !! Paris Ovanet International Network
684 Cesar Cardoso      
685 Steve Lutz      
686 HAMON   France  
687 stacato      
688 Derek Poon   San Jose, CA  
689 Alasdair McIntyre   London Emarketeers
690 Stephane Girault      
691 Benoit Poulot-Cazajous   France  
692 Göran Larsson   Sweden  
693 François Revol trust no one France  
694 Jay Denebeim   Phoenix AZ  
695 Andreas Jurgensen      
696 Tero Paananen   Providence, RI  
697 Dan Linderman      
698 gatineau      
699 Pascal Lemmens   Brussels Belgium Trasys
700 Aurélien Jacobs   France  
701 Ulrik la Cour      
702 Philip Falkner I couldn't believe it when I heard VeriSign had done this.  It breaks so many things it's not even vaguely funny.    
703 Joakim Höglund      
704 Mike Ekholm   Minneapolis, MN  
705 Gerhardus Scheltema   South Africa Java I.net Café
706 Eddie Roosenmaallen  Kingston, Ontario, Canada Â
707 Silas Humphreys   Bristol, UK  
708 Thomas Douillard   France  
709 Andrew Bell      
710 Morten Mertner Privilege Abuse Copenhagen Various
711 Scott Loveless   St. Louis, MO  
712 Kasper Kruber   Copenhagen, Denmark  
713 plouhinec   france la poste
714 Guillaume Vangelder Unacceptable abuse of power for commercial purposes. Won't be getting any of my business. Ever.    
715 Kun Sun Sweeley This is truly unacceptable what Verisign has decided to do. Baltimore City, Maryland NeoAniCon L.L.C.
716 robert hogberg   sweden  
717 Pamela Patterson      
718 Nicholas J. Stenz      
719 David Jack Olrik      
720 Douglas Eadline      
721 Morten Isaksen      
722 Gerhard Beulke   Australia Palm Cove Online
723 Bhattacharjee Manik   France  
724 Alex Herington   Nottingham, UK Sharespace Management Ltd.
725 grivet   france  
726 Shaun Branden   Australia  
727 Alejo      
728 Robert Carriker      
729 Logi Ragnarsson   Reykjavík, Iceland  
730 Pronchery      
731 Andrew Church      
732 Christophe PETIT   Nantes, France  
733 William Anderson   Chicago IL  
734 Ryan Hammond   England  
735 Justin Knotzke   Canada  
736 David Simon      
737 DUGAST      
738 Timon Orawski   Canada  
739 Joshua Johnston      
740 Devin Anderson      
741 Sam Hocevar http://sam.zoy.org/writings/internet/verisign/ Paris, France 
742 Pied   France  
743 Jerome Fisher   Wuppertal, Germany  
744 Irvin Probst   Brest, France  
745 Bert Neef      
746 Robert Gibbens      
747 Stefan Koopmanschap   Utrecht, The Netherlands  
748 Peter Drake   Ohio, USA  
749 Steven Yelton      
750 Homer Painter      
751 Joel York   Chicago, IL 60637 University of Chicago
752 Mike Schroll      
753 tayon It is also an unathorized use of registered names : this is the most important cybersquatting ever Pontoise  
754 Doug McDonald   Canada Hostopia.com Inc.
755 Ryan Hall   US  
756 RENAUD TRISTAN This is not good... If I want to go somewhere on the internet and that adresse doesn't exist, just tell me the adresse is not a valid adresse... do not send me to a website I don't want !    
757 simon,yannick     RueDuCommerce.com
758 D. C. Deatrich   Lausanne, Switzerland  
759 Luca Berra  Milano (Italy) 
760 Angelo This breaks a lot of stuff. It must be stopped. Totally unacceptable unless Versisign wish to pay the registry fee for the domains that they are hijacking!! U.S NTMG Engineering
761 ArnY      
762 Matthew Kavanagh And remember everyone, null-route sitewhatever.verisign.com.    
763 Guillaume Gielly   France ARD
764 James Arthur      
765 Kevin Østmark      
766 Xanthor      
767 sebastien barre   france  
768 David Eitzinger Someone please stop this kind of behaviour ! Germany serverart.com
769 Zachary H. Hanna   Florida, USA  
770 Glenn Morse   WI, USA  
771 Olivier ORABONA   Nice, France  
772 W. Todd Watson   Georgia, USA  
773 Ricky Sandison   Illinois  
774 Hienne Xavier Such an abuse must be stopped, quickly, and never happen again Nantes - France Solunix
775 Simon Turner Has caused problems here too :( Cambridge, UK LDS
776 Vincent CORREZE   Nantes MTTM
777 Carmelo Allegra   Italy  
778 Ray Miller   Oxford, UK Computing Services, University of Oxford
779 Andrew Prior      
780 John Allsup   Birmingham, England, UK  
781 John Cartmell   UK  
782 Rob MacGregor   UK  
783 david witt   new york city  
784 John Ripley      
785 Joe Llywelyn Griffith Blakesley This is an extreme abuse of the monopoly that I have long said such companies should not have been given.  This only proves this point.  This is the ultimate form of abuse of priveleges given by the community, spam and domain-name squatting, and I urge ICANN and the IETF to take action to make Verisign more reasonable or to get rid of them.  This causes many practical problems (that at forst may not be obvious) including breaking a variety of tools (including the ODP's (http://dmoz.org/) (where I am an editor) tools) Llandudno, Wales, UK  
786 Gabriele Polidori   Italy  
787 Simon Turner Has caused problems here too :( Cambridge, UK LDS
788 Christopher Gilmore      
789 David Glover   Oxford, UK  
790 Shawn Walker   Kansas City, KS The IQ Group, Inc.
791 Gunnar Freyr Steinsson      
792 Alain Thivillon http://www.at.usenet-fr.net/wildcard.txt Paris, France  
793 DERMIGNY Claire   France startfinance.com
794 Sebastien Candela Totally unacceptable ! France  
795 Mark G. Adams     Stilo Corporation
796 Scott R. Keszler      
797 Michel Wilson   Delft/The Netherlands IRCTR, Delft University of Technology
798 scott mcdowell      
799 Marcus Overhagen      
800 Marlon Baculio The value of trust    
801 William Showers     Pittsburgh Technical Institute
802 John Christie      
803 Thomas de Grenier de Latour      
804 Tom Carmichael      
805 Ganesh Sittampalam   Oxford, UK Oxford University Computing Laboratory
806 Osma Suominen   Helsinki, Finland Coop Sange
807 Cristiano Barabanti      
808 Paul Davis   Philadelphia, PA Linux Audio Systems
809 mark Kneen      
810 Oli Atlason   Chicago, IL University of Chicago
811 Bart-Jan Vrielink   the Netherlands  
812 Aurélien Maille   France  
813 BinLaden Ossama DTC ! WTC  
814 Philip Molter This breaks spamfilters.  This breaks backup mail servers. Texas, USA  
815 Dag Wastberg   Gothenburg, Sweden University of Gothenburg
816 Ryan VanMiddlesworth This is an unacceptable violation of DNS standards. Not only is it crude and underhanded, it breaks a number of critical systems. Richmond, Indiana, United States  
817 Rodney Tillotson   UK JANET-CERT
818 Baptiste SIMON Verisign gave us one more time the proof that this kind of work cannot be given to a commercial structure Nantes, France Code Lutin
819 Justin Koivisto Abuse of power... nothing new, but still not acceptable. Virginia, MN W.A. Fisher Interactive
820 Nehéz-Posony Ferenc   Budapest  
821 Yanick Cyr      
822 Sven Petai   Tallinn, Estonia NPO BSD Estonia
823 Jóhann M. Sigurbjörnsson This behaviour should be treated as spam. Iceland  
824 Ned Fleming verisign is underhanded -- at best   Westar Energy
825 Adrian Kasbergen      
826 Mark Russell      
827 David Schweikert   Zurich, Switzerland Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
828 Gavin Baker This abuse of power and responsibility must stop Australia  
829 Collard andy What use for e-mail receveid, (NSA  ?)    Private
830 Thomas Einsporn      
831 Bob Harlem      
832 Clément Martin   Brussels  
833 Chris Mason They are abusing the powers which they were given and are going against RFC's which are the backbone to the Internet. I thought Microsoft was bad!    
834 Percot Patrick   France  
835 Michael Lam This is blatantly sick!    
836 Andrew Allen Verisign are a bunch of twats and will never see a penny of my money!    
837 Alan James   UK  
838 Robin Stevens   Oxford, UK Oxford University Computing Services
839 Loïc Minier   France  
840 Keith Drakard   UK  
841 Jeremy Rossi   New Jersey, USA  
842 Podevijn Gaëtan   Bruxelles  
843 Simon Horup      
844 Niv ALTIVANIK      
845 Per Kjellberg      
846 Mitchell J. Morrison   West Lafayette, IN Purdue University
847 Leif G. Jensen   Denmark  
848 Jonathan      
849 Grant Slater   Johannesburg, South Africa  
850 A Bystrup      
851 Bob McCormick      
852 David Fraser      
853 Holger Uhr      
854 Erlendur S Thorsteinsson   Iceland FRISK Software International
855 Jason Price   Atlanta, Ga AGL Resources
856 Tony Finch I am configuring my systems (with 30,000 users) to avoid all top-level DNS wildcard records. Cambridge University of Cambridge Computing Service
857 Justin Baker      
858 Benoît PINEAU   Nantes - FRANCE  
859 Mikael Petersson      
860 Tarlach      
861 Martin Peter Read   Northampton,  United Kingdom  
862 Crispin Cowan      
863 Chris Walk      
864 Stéphane Enten   Paris Lycos Europe
865 Patrick Klos All TLDs should return NXDOMAIN for unregistered domains! New Hampshire Klos Technologies, Inc.
866 Sindri Traustason   Iceland  
867 Rabiller Christophe  France - Nantes Â
868 Pete Prior   UK  
869 ten   France  
870 David Jennings   Sydney, Australia  
871 Yann   France  
872 Carl Friedberg Verisign's abuse of DNS is outrageous New York City Comet & Company (comets.com)
873 Warren Chartier This breaks backup MX servers    
874 Robbe   Lille - France Appius
875 Ingo van Lil      
876 Dmitriy Shnayder      
877 Guillaume Morin   France  
878 lorillu      
879 Brock Bronson Bad monkey, Verisign!  Bad!    
880 Mourgues Bastien   France Newtech
881 Anders Lorentzen      
882 Laurent Buffler   Switzerland  
883 Ludovico Gardenghi   Imola  
884 Millet Philippe   France Armoise
885 nicholas fellows Verisign should be ousted for abusing the system in the way. vote your disgust against stratton d scaBlos here http://www.forbes.com/2003/05/01/cx_ceointernetpoll.html UK n/a
886 Vandorpe Olivier   Belgique  
887 Mark Jones This is evidence that Verisign is irresponsible and should not be allowed to maintain TLD nameservers. Des Moines, Iowa, US  
888 Lucas Thompson this DNS breakage is the worst thing ever Seattle  
889 Paul Riddle      
890 Claus Krogsgaard   Denmark  
891 Georgi Chorbadzhiyski   Sofia, Bulgaria Unix Solutions Ltd.
892 Ben Blackburne   UK  
893 magnier      
894 Craig Marshall DNS wildcards?! Nice way to advertise. Oxford, UK Blackwell Publishing Ltd
895 Scott Brady      
896 Martin Seeger The Verisign action produces high costs for us Kiel, Germany NetUSE AG
897 Anders C. Madsen   Denmark Golden Planet
898 Joe Hohertz This is breaking our email filters. Kitchener Golden Triangle Online
899 Joshua Spoerri      
900 Lonnie Waugh Greed breeds stupidity Ohio  
901 Marc Landtwing   Switzerland  
902 Yannick Menager      
903 Phil Driscoll   UK Dial Solutions Ltd
904 Guy Dawson It's bad and needs to be stopped UK  
905 Michael Bowers Either follow the standards, or give up the root servers.  Simple as that. Houston, Texas  
906 Juuso Tähkäpää   Finland  
907 Lee Mayes   Atlanta, GA  
908 Brian Russell      
909 Emma Mcnab Please use your head before implementing a DNS wildcard like this, I am sure that not all of your engineers are stupid. ( bis ) FL.USA S.I.
910 Torben B. Nielsen      
911 Guillaume Rischard   Luxembourg  
912 Gonay Benjamin This, once again, show the stupid supremacy of USA... Belgium  
913 Febs As we say in France : "Mon vieerr..." France Zuland
914 Mike Pinna   Cambridge, England  
915 John Hjulmand   Denmark Webdesigner
916 Antonin Meignan stop this now !!!    
917 Cornély Loïc   Paris-France  
918 Andrew Foster   Sydney, Australia Solutions First
919 pery pierre      
920 Ian Taylor      
921 Nikolas Britton   Freeport, IL Hillside Studio
922 Bryan Ewbank   Raleigh NC  
923 Henrik Lund Kramshøj   Denmark  
924 Jon Fannar Karlsson Taylor Stop this nonsence ):I United Kingdom  
925 bob walborn      
926 Jason Tang      
927 James Nelson This is an outrage, and violates my rights to privacy! Tampa, FL Lightning Technology Group
928 Alex   Italy La Bussola ONLUS
929 Shawn Garbett   Nashville, TN USA  
930 Bruce Zell      
931 Mark Horn Continued use of wildcards in the TLDs undermines the contingency plans of many businesses for the delivery of email.  The decision to use this functionality will directly harm business and must be reversed.    
932 jeannin loic   france perax
933 Kenneth Salvesen   Norway NTNU
934 Allan Lloyds   United Kingdom Echoraith Web and Email Services
935 Daniel Pavel      
936 Martin Smith Verisign should have the responsibility of maintaining TDL  nameservers taken away from them. United Kingdom  
937 Stefán Einar Stefánsson The roots of the Internet must be kept safe from rot. Reykjavik, Iceland  
938 Kevin Sangeelee Whether or not there are technical implications, this is an abuse of power over what is effectively a public commons.    
939 Davide Alberani      
940 Shabaz Sultan   the Netherlands  
941 Nico      
942 Martin Hovden   Norway MHDL
943 Alessandro Menichini   Italia  
944 Steven P. Sherwick   Minnetonka Minnesota  
945 José Moreira   Portugal CASE
946 Ben Franske      
947 MOREAU      
948 Y. Duppen   The Netherlands  
949 Ziegler   France Ecole Normale Supérieure
950 Alun Jenkins   UK  
951 Dave Patterson      
952 Megan Marshall Disgusting Oxford, UK Oxford County Council
953 Gustaf Serve   Denmark  
954 Hafþór  Hilmarsson This is an outrage! Iceland none
955 Mattia Gentilini Let us be FREE to type wrong URLs! Italy  
956 Daan Broekhof   The Netherlands Parse BV
957 Corsac      
958 Jacco de Kraker   The Netherlands  
959 Mickael A.   Paris -
960 Richard Gade   Indiana Ivy Tech State College
961 Jestin Koegst   Texas, U.S.A. KnowledgeBase Marketing
962 Richard Freeman Changes of this nature disrupt the function of systems (such as backup MX exchangers) and changes should be placed through an RFC process and not simply be unilaterally made by a company which is simply paid to manage a public resource.  Verisign is not a policy-making body - they are only paid to execute policy dictated by ICANN and other standards-making bodies. Pennsylvania, USA  
963 Jacob Wiersma      
964 Ron Lunde      
965 Kasper Bøggild      
966 Walter Hop Looking forward to the technical battle in response to this incredible abuse. Amsterdam The Netherlands
967 Eric Vanden Heuvel   Toronto Korax Inc.
968 James Davis      
969 Vlad Jebelev   Toronto, Canada  
970 Niall O'Higgins   Dublin, Ireland  
971 Dave Zucker      
972 Daniele Palumbo   Italy  
973 Morten Cools   Norway  
974 Joris ten Hoeve   Amsterdam, Netherlands, Europe  
975 Robert Edmonds      
976 Maurizio Lemmo      
977 Kevin Freeburn   Toronto Canada  
978 Jiri D. Hoogeveen You broke my spam filter The Netherlands, Rotterdam Proforma
979 Robert Levandowski      
980 Martijn van Zal   Huizen, Netherlands  
981 Jeroen Verisign should be severly punished for such shamefull abuse! How bizar!    
982 Borja Marcos   Spain Sarenet
983 Lars Sommer It's the silliest thing about the net I've ever heard Denmark  
984 Dan Mackdermott   UK InputLink Consulting Ltd
985 Tshober      
986 G.Krist Verisign stop acting lame Holland  
987 Lorris J. Woods      
988 Tjeerd   Friesland, Netherlands  
989 Wef Dinaini   Netherlands  
990 Rampon Julien      
991 Andri Óskarsson   Iceland  
992 Francis Hwang   Brooklyn, NY  
993 E. Dumas   France  
994 Wouter Vandenbussche   Leuven - Belgium  
995 Jesse Granden   Springfield, MO, USA  
996 José Mª Alcaide   Vizcaya (SPAIN) Universidad del País Vasco
997 Sigurdur Haraldsson   Iceland  
998 Allan Kristensen   Copenhagen Denmark
999 Terry Nolan   Milford, CT  
1,000 Thomas Enger Verisign says, "The system used to provide the VeriSign Services... may differ substantially in terms of speed, uptime and other performance parameters." The performance of the resolution system now depends on SiteFinder but Verisign doesn't guarantee that. New York  
1,001 TISSERAND Nicolas   France  
1,002 Jeroen Hellingman Please also consider the same for all ccTLD, such as .nu or .ph The Netherlands private
1,003 Peter Oudenhoven   Netherlands  
1,004 D. Vonk     Vos Logistics
1,005 Ian Jackson      
1,006 Niels Brons Verisign is doing some wrong stuff, they now 'own' a gigantic number of domain names The Netherlands  
1,007 Chartier Just stop that silly action... France  
1,008 Musiman Verisign CA != to be trusted Netherlands  
1,009 Dan Johansson This seriously have to be stopped. Not only from a business perspective, but also from a technical (Backup MXes, Spamfiltering....) Germany  
1,010 S. Hu yg      
1,011 Þórhallur Hálfdánarson   Iceland  
1,012 Jim Turner All your NXDOMAIN are belong to Verisign, apparently Des Moines, IA  
1,013 Rodolphe SIBERT   France Kyxar
1,014 Raymond den Ouden   Eindhoven  
1,015 Richard Kleijn   The Netherlands  
1,016 Serge Kirichenko   NJ Sela2
1,017 F. Baetsen   NL  
1,018 Einar Indridason this is so, so, so, ........ silly.... (must be polite here) Reykjavik, Iceland Frisk Software Int.
1,019 M.H.G. Rotteveel   Delft, The Netherlands  
1,020 Bas v.d. Wiel   Netherlands  
1,021 Ívar Ragnarsson This move by Verisign is outrageous Reykjavik, Iceland Grunnur
1,022 Joe Greenseid      
1,023 B.J. Herbison   Bolton, MA, USA  
1,024 James Leinweber I particularly object to the effect Versign is havng on antispam e-mail filtering. Madison, WI WI State Laboratory of Hygiene
1,025 M Burggraeve      
1,026 Kurt Weiske      
1,027 Michael Spencer   Council Bluffs, Iowa, USA  
1,028 Tyler Berry  Colorado Â
1,029 Michael Sweet   Hollywood, MD Easy Software Products
1,030 Daniel Desages      
1,031 Vincent Verheijen      
1,032 Jouke Jensma      
1,033 David Brooks   Swansea, UK Business In Motion
1,034 Daniel Mantione   Delft, Netherlands  
1,035 Timo Aittokoski      
1,036 Maarten Kwant      
1,037 Breght Boschker      
1,038 Thomas Gill      
1,039 William Roy      
1,040 Daan Ligtvoet Spam is the unholy eye of the immortals, don't spread it...or become one! Holland Fried Air
1,041 Fannar Freyr Jonsson   Iceland  
1,042 Adam Baxter   USA  
1,043 Jacques Cuvillier   www.documentlibre.org Association Document Libre
1,044 vincent elschot What gives them the right to force me to see their page? Holland  
1,045 Andrew Bell Abusing their position for years. Pathetic. Scotland, UK  
1,046 pechaud   paris (france)  
1,047 Lasse Brandt   Denmark  
1,048 Stefan Walter      
1,049 Steinn E. Sigurðarson Verisign is obviously abusing its control over root DNS servers to increase internet traffic to itself or its subsidiaries. Reykjavík, Iceland FRISK Software International
1,050 Coen Bust      
1,051 Ryan Morse      
1,052 Bob Shafer If Verisign will not comply, it is time to replace them with a company that cares about the Internet. Denver, Colorado Quillweb
1,053 Jason Melton      
1,054 Paul van Tellingen      
1,055 Roel de Wildt      
1,056 Métral Grégoire   Switzerland University of Geneva
1,057 Stephanie Rowley      
1,058 Greg Nicholson      
1,059 EoN The value of trust my ass... Lyon, France None
1,060 Howard Smock I am an isp, this is an afront to all the internet Oxford, ks G & S Electronics
1,061 Diana Lebeck      
1,062 David Veatch      
1,063 Dominic      
1,064 Alex Page   Oxford, UK Cancer Research UK
1,065 Bart Verhoeven      
1,066 Craig Van Degrift Privatization of the Internet was a mistake Raymond, CA Kanji-Flash Softworks
1,067 thewhizzkid dikke onzin!!    
1,068 Brian Ristuccia   Tewksbury, MA, US  
1,069 Pat Emblen   Australia  
1,070 Zachary Kotlarek   Ames, Iowa Cynic by Trade
1,071 Joost   Amsterdam  
1,072 Jeff Noxon   Houston, TX, USA Planetfall
1,073 Ken Petersen I draw the line here Sweden  
1,074 andre   Netherlands  
1,075 Bram Borgman   The Netherlands  
1,076 Spaggiari Jean-Marc Verisign, ca suxor ! Montréal-QC-CA N/A
1,077 Tom Hek THIS MUST STOP, THAT STUPID PEAPLE!!! Almere, The Netherlands Tomro
1,078 Matthew Robert Bernstein This is going to waste huge amounts of time with machines timing out (on ports other that 25/80) trying to connect to a fake host, not to mention the anti-spam measures it breaks immediately, and the sheer arrogance of the stunt in the first place. London, England Global Maritime Consultancy Ltd.
1,079 Stephan van Hienen      
1,080 John Kalucki   San Francisco, CA  
1,081 Stephanie van Dun      
1,082 Sabrina Lanzoni Gonçalves   Italy Tsunami Information Systems
1,083 Antoine Mine Keep the Internet free France  
1,084 Richard Coles   Cambridge, UK University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory
1,085 Marc Beyer   Oxford Oxford University, Physics Department
1,086 Drew Sullivan This breaks so many things Toronto, Ontario, Canada Systems Software
1,087 rafnati guillaume   france  
1,088 Peter Hartzler And clear the email database from the bogus MX system US  
1,089 Gregory Austin Please require them to follow useful standards. Chicago, IL Rkon Technologies
1,090 JAN   Vannes, Bretagne, France OGGAM
1,091 michael westen   holland  
1,092 Bart Veldhuis   Eindhoven, Netherlands  
1,093 Laurent Defours      
1,094 DC      
1,095 Matt   Toronto  
1,096 P van der Sanden - - -
1,097 Zach Brockway      
1,098 Ben Mims      
1,099 Erik de Vries   The Netherlands ISD Holland
1,100 David Brieck Jr.   Lancaster, PA  
1,101 Stephen Bowyer   United Kingdom  
1,102 Bob Jones   Athens, GA The Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia
1,103 Guaka   Paris  
1,104 Tom Buitenhuis      
1,105 John Jennings What a useless action    
1,106 Taulelle I don't want VeriSign to continue acting like this. Lyon, France none
1,107 Iain Shepherd   Coventry, UK  
1,108 W.R. de Kler      
1,109 Roy Gunther      
1,110 Vidar Holen Stop this nonsense Verisign, follow the standards! Norway  
1,111 J. Knape   The Netherlands  
1,112 Sledge64C      
1,113 REJ de groot Stop this ridiculous thing! Who ever gave you the right to do this? the Netherlands  
1,114 Cheetah      
1,115 Kenneth Sarmaat   Zoetermeer  
1,116 Christian Schlegel   Vienna/Austria  
1,117 Brad Mace      
1,118 Robert Broome This action by Verisign cannot be allowed to continue. Birmingham, AL Southern Web Hosting
1,119 Jan Doornaert   Belgium Fruit of the Loom
1,120 Ian P   palm bay, florida  
1,121 gef inadmissible    
1,122 Wit Will someone please stop this insanity!!???? Netherlands  
1,123 fade verispam sucks    
1,124 Tirs Abril Systems Administrator Barcelona (Spain)  
1,125 Michel n00bs NL  
1,126 Glen Harman   USA  
1,127 Adam Gent      
1,128 Dillie      
1,129 David Michard      
1,130 David Powicki   Amherst University of Massachusetts
1,131 Sampsa Hario      
1,132 Kevin Baribeau      
1,133 Edwn Verwoerd   Netherlands, Amsterdam  
1,134 Arno Raps      
1,135 Scott Blomquist   Rochester, VT US ITI/Bear&Co
1,136 Marc Vos   Amsterdam, The Netherlands Roodveldt Import b.v.
1,137 James Mahony      
1,138 Gary VanderMolen   Bay area, California  
1,139 Sander Devrieze   Belgium  
1,140 Shammah Channcellor      
1,141 Paul Diaguila      
1,142 Andy Fraser      
1,143 Bas   The Netherlands  
1,144 Svavar Ingi Hermannsson   Iceland  
1,145 Kerwin Beechey      
1,146 Ned Freed   Claremont, California Sun Microsystems
1,147 Teemu Rytilahti   Rovaniemi, Finland  
1,148 Joe Paka   Netherlands  
1,149 Jordi Brouwer   Netherlands  
1,150 Jonathan van Doornum   The Netherlands  
1,151 Almeric Boerman      
1,152 Ivo van Geel      
1,153 Ivar Clemens   Boxtel, The Netherlands  
1,154 Jean-Paul Mars   Netherlands  
1,155 Simon Gijsen      
1,156 James Drash      
1,157 Fabio Parisi      
1,158 brad forschinger unacceptable, verisign.    
1,159 Christian Iversen   Copenhagen, Denmark  
1,160 Brian Hatch   Seattle, WA Onsight, Inc
1,161 Bram Stop this madness! The Netherlands  
1,162 NEXOUILLE      
1,163 Roger Grattery      
1,164 Frank Bush      
1,165 Servin   paris france  
1,166 Debbie B. Verisign is becoming an abusive parent with their internet practices. It needs to stop. Alabama  
1,167 Alfredo Medina Big Mistake Guatemala City, Guatemala Universidad Francisco Marroquin
1,168 Damien Sandras A shame, simply... Belgium None
1,169 chailan stop that    
1,170 Jes Andersen   Denmark  
1,171 Julien Ellart   France  
1,172 Guerrier Olivier It's unfair and dangerous. If I don't want my registered domain to resolve, it's not to see verisign change MY choice France  
1,173 Chip Mefford      
1,174 Christophe Derdeyn   Belgium Balance IT
1,175 adrian allen      
1,176 JJ van Drie      
1,177 Florian Forster      
1,178 destuynder guillaume agreed.    
1,179 Bouvier Yann dont let them do paris Orange France
1,180 Jolanta Stouten      
1,181 Russ Uhte      
1,182 KDL      
1,183 Antoine Pardigon      
1,184 Stéphan Kempkes This nonsense has to stop. Don't own a domain, don't use it. Netherlands  
1,185 Frode Sandholtbråten   Trondheim, Norway  
1,186 Herman Jerome      
1,187 Borgar Þorsteinsson      
1,188 Michael Kahle   ITALY  
1,189 Thijs   The Netherlands  
1,190 Alexander Vroom      
1,191 Helmer Zandbergen   Emmeloord, The Netherlands BaardmeesNET
1,192 Wag N'co   France  
1,193 Dave Kinnaman   Washington  
1,194 PRIOUR Gaetan      
1,195 THOMAS Renald      
1,196 KDL   Amsterdam  
1,197 David Drum   Missouri MOREnet
1,198 M.S. Tedjawardhana   NL  
1,199 Patrick Lee      
1,200 Valentijn Sessink   Amsterdam, the Netherlands Open Office
1,201 Dimitri haelterman      
1,202 Niko Itajarvi Can we trust this company in the future? I'll remember to never buy anything from Verisign or their partners. Finland NWPS.ws
1,203 piet puk      
1,204 pieter michels      
1,205 Paolo Pioli  Italy Â
1,206 Tony Rimovsky      
1,207 Sjoerd I want my error page back ! @home  
1,208 Michael Palmer   Houston, TX  
1,209 Fabien Brachere   France  
1,210 Rich Sage   Leeds UK
1,211 J.W. Janssen   Enschede, the Netherlands L'Xtreme / Vinteresse
1,212 DC      
1,213 Perret Yannick   France Université Lyon I
1,214 Matteo Spreafico      
1,215 Didier   France  
1,216 Sebastien LONGO No comment FR SG Asset Management
1,217 Guillaume Libersat One company should not rule the web! France none
1,218 Lasse Vibe Jespersen   Copenhagen, Denmark  
1,219 Darrell Fuhriman      
1,220 Timon Kuik      
1,221 Caillaud Philippe   Paris  
1,222 Alex de Kruijff I would welcome a lawsute against the Verisign. The Neterlands  
1,223 Vincent van Leijden   Rotterdam, The Netherlands  
1,224 MARNE   France  
1,225 Renaud Lienhart   France  
1,226 David Douard   Paris, France  
1,227 Lom   Bretagne, France  
1,228 Tristan Rivoallan   France Alphanim Digital
1,229 Joel Johnson   Seattle, WA  
1,230 Ingolfur Gudmundsson      
1,231 Tim Stadelmann   Oxford, England, United Kingdom University of Oxford
1,232 Brent W.J. Mackie Versign's actions are totally inexcusable!!!    
1,233 Lavoisier John GNU is our future :) France Linux62 association http://www.linux62.com
1,234 MARTIN Philippe      
1,235 Lexo      
1,236 Jamie Lokier   Bristol, UK  
1,237 Donald C. Gray II   Pittsburgh, PA VigilantMinds, Inc
1,238 Poischack Totalement stupide de la part de verisign Colmar, France  
1,239 Michael Sweigart      
1,240 Jerome Guichard   France  
1,241 Finnbogi Óskarsson      
1,242 Chuck Clayton      
1,243 Gabriel Lavoie      
1,244 Jack      
1,245 Alessio Quirino   Netherlands  
1,246 Arnaud F.      
1,247 Sigurgeir Gunnarsson   Iceland University of Iceland
1,248 Erik S. LaBianca   Berrien Springs, MI USA Quonic Communications, LLC
1,249 David Rhoadarmer      
1,250 Donald Ball   Chapel Hill, NC Rho, Inc.
1,251 Barnier Julien   France  
1,252 Harmen van der Veer GNU! Netherlands none
1,253 doreille laurent how can a company control the internet ? angouleme  
1,254 Christophe Giaume   France klervi
1,255 James Ash      
1,256 Mark Robson   Oxford, England Gensortium Ltd
1,257 Vincent Argh ! France  
1,258 Dennis Heltzel   Pennsylvania, USA Adolor Corporation
1,259 Janne Labbas   Finland  
1,260 August Zajonc ICANN is so toothless it is frightening San Francisco  
1,261 Sigonneau Benjamin PhD student Rennes, France  
1,262 Touret   PARIS FRANCE
1,263 Gabriel Kastenbaum internet does not belong to any one Paris Aston
1,264 Michael Bütow      
1,265 Jason Griego   Baltimore, Maryland UMBC
1,266 William Carton      
1,267 benoit michel      
1,268 Jan Derk   Amsterdam  
1,269 Vincent caron hey, verisign, Have you lose your raison ? or is just to make more stupid rules ? france nop
1,270 David Michael Jensen      
1,271 Arnaud Réveillon   Be  
1,272 Bjorn S. Nilsson   Copenhagen, Denmark Niels Bohr Institute
1,273 Engelmajer Benjamin   France  
1,274 Sunny Dubey This is pure abuse New York City  
1,275 Pierre VERJUS   Paris  
1,276 Chaudieres Sebastien   France ActivCard
1,277 Tovenaar      
1,278 F.Bonnard Money's magic    
1,279 Maarten Verwijs Standards are what makes the Internet. NL  
1,280 wisniewski guillaume   France  
1,281 Christophe Morvan   France  
1,282 Philippe Rouquet   Trois Riveires Ouest  
1,283 M. Risseeuw Any TLD-admin should obey the rfcs! The Netherlands  
1,284 Paul Malquist     Brigham Young University
1,285 Tomasz Ostrowski   Sapiezynska 10a, 00-215 Warsaw, Poland Stefan Batory Foundation
1,286 Martin   Sweden  
1,287 Carl Drougge   Sweden  
1,288 Sébastien Guilbaud   France  
1,289 MOUTON-DUBOSC Xavier   France  
1,290 Mika Yrjölä      
1,291 Stéphane Salès As long as a commercial company will manage tld, this type of problem could not disapear.    
1,292 Lasse Faabeng      
1,293 Aart de Heus   Netherlands, Europe  
1,294 Johann Dréo   Paris Université Paris 12
1,295 Alan V. Shackelford Please help remove this hideous violation Baltimore, MD USA The Johns Hopkins University
1,296 Patrice HAMEAU   France Trusted Logic
1,297 W. Winkelhorst   The Netherlands  
1,298 chris cull the jerks phoenix, az n/a
1,299 RENARD Pierre-Francois   FRANCE  
1,300 wolff   france  
1,301 B. van Ouwerkerk They have always been a monopolist, this will not change overnight. The .com/net/org TLD should be maintained by an organisation without any commercial interest. The Netherlands  
1,302 Avellaneda Rodrigo   Paris  
1,303 Alex Kells   England  
1,304 Nicolas Bouillon Owner of two «.com» and one «.net» France  
1,305 Raswic      
1,306 Romain GUILLERET   FRANCE France Telecom
1,307 Carl Strickler   Chicago, IL IIT Research Institute
1,308 Alain Fréhel Stop messing up the internet Paris, France  
1,309 James C Hardie   Richmond, Indiana, USA Summersault website development
1,310 FX Pasquier Internet belongs to every one, and not only to Verisign Paris  
1,311 Nuno Mgalhaes   Portugal  
1,312 Curtis L Haynes   Indiana, USA Elderlite Express
1,313 Nicolas Pouillon Verisign must not take over the com/net France  
1,314 J. Eric Ivancich   Ann Arbor, MI  
1,315 Keith Weinberg   Connecticut  
1,316 Jeroen      
1,317 LASSALLE   Luxembourg  
1,318 VuurVos      
1,319 Moses Martiny   Copenhagen, Denmark Martiny Consulting
1,320 MATHIEU STOP it ! France  
1,321 Marc Tanguy   Paris, France  
1,322 Joey Hess      
1,323 Tino Zijdel   The Netherlands  
1,324 David Blanchet      
1,325 Manens Florent   France SL Formation
1,326 Shaw Terwilliger   Â
1,327 Sylvain Eliade   France  
1,328 Conal P. Darcy   MD, USA  
1,329 JC Dill   Palo Alto, CA  
1,330 Westeel Pierre   Lille - France  
1,331 Jan Bessels      
1,332 lenglet stupid idea france icx
1,333 Marc Perron   Ottawa, Canada  
1,334 debarros   france  
1,335 Lissa Vincent Disguising greed in the name of helping users is shameful. Find a different way to help users while returning proper error codes and without helping yourself first. Maryland, USA ODP editor
1,336 Lionel VAUX   Lyon - France ENS Lyon
1,337 X.B.      
1,338 Rémy APARISI nawak icann FRANCE  
1,339 pasquier franck Stop abusing and respect RFCs France Kiltran
1,340 Sebastien BLAISOT totally unacceptable practice ! France  
1,341 Alexander Hecht This is unfair competition with existing registrars - there is no means for myself, for example, to gain a similar foothold without actually purchasing each and every currently unregistered .com/.net name. It is also a technical breach of trust - the internet is not merely the web, and unknown domains should return errors rather than constantly try to contact Versign advert servers. Non web-based applications, such as ftp clients etc., will now incorrectly log that they have contacted the host you asked for when in fact they should have returned an error 'hostname unknown'. The same for traceroute, ping...any of these will not behave in a manner expected. Worcester, MA WPI
1,342 Thomas Beluch   France  
1,343 Wirtel Stephane   Belgium  
1,344 David Blanchet      
1,345 Matthieu MOY This is a crazy idea. Sorry, this *was*. Cancel it pls FRANCE  
1,346 Christophe Guilloux      
1,347 Stephane Frayssinet Stop Verisign DNS Abuse !!!!!!!!! France -
1,348 Jacquet      
1,349 loack   France  
1,350 Doug Goss     Wayne County Government
1,351 Olaf Fraczyk      
1,352 Gorguth   France  
1,353 joachim mathieu   FRANCE HELIANTIS
1,354 patrick leilde ca crain... france  
1,355 Scott Wagner   Boca Raton, FL  
1,356 Marcel Loesberg   Netherlands  
1,357 Nicolas Boiteux use temporarily non commercial dns http://www.opennic.unrated.net, verisign was add to the prohibited hosts. France  
1,358 James Morris      
1,359 PALUD Joel   France  
1,360 david duchet      
1,361 marin   france  
1,362 Peter da Silva Let's break every application on the Internet that depends on DNS being a directory service just to provide a little extra revenues for Verisign. What, you don't think that's a good idea? Neither do I... I wonder why Verisign thought it was. Houston, TX  
1,363 ryan zachry   tx, usa rectorseal
1,364 Peter It truly sucks! NL  
1,365 dave nicponski Please stop this travesty! Miami area, FL FreePeers Inc.
1,366 Justin Graham      
1,368 Jerome MARILLEAU      
1,369 marc nijdam      
1,370 Philippe Plantier   France  
1,371 Romaric Guillier   France  
1,372 Kai Schlichting   Brooklyn, NY  
1,373 Jennifer King Forcing someone into accepting a user agreement? Come on.. there's no way NOT to use their "service". Pittsburgh, PA Itsmine.Com
1,374 Clément Stenac   Paris VIA Centrale Réseaux
1,375 Bruno MICHEL   France  
1,376 Dave Park   Houston, TX  
1,377 fuentes laurent   france  
1,378 Julie Brandon Ridiculous state of affairs.  *8-(    
1,379 Lamiable Alexis      
1,380 Damien Persohn   France  
1,381 Catie Flick This is atrocious behaviour by a business that should know better. Sydney, Australia  
1,382 Romain Lenglet   Grenoble, France  
1,384 Dirk Kemper   Enschede, The Netherlands First8 BV
1,385 lafage      
1,386 Dan Elder   Santa Barbara Novacoast
1,387 Gillian   Corsica WebzineMaker.net
1,388 Richard Kraan      
1,389 damien clochard   France walan.net
1,390 Herman Kuiper      
1,391 Marco Roest Stop the dns abuse Den Haag, The Netherlands  
1,392 Dave Kafato please fix dns resolution so my private network works again Canada  
1,393 Aubailly internet must be free FRANCE UNILOG
1,394 Steven Visser   at home in the Netherlands  
1,395 Olivier ROUX   france  
1,396 Viggo Pedersen STOP the Abuse! Denmark  
1,397 neilujnoilleb   France  
1,398 Johannes Kuhmonen Internet isn't wild west. Jyväskylä, Finland  
1,399 LeNNy Dee      
1,400 Eric Fierke   Columbia, MD  
1,401 M.Pladdet   The Netherlands  
1,402 Sébastien LEMOINE   FRANCE  
1,403 Lasmayous Guillaume   Paris, France  
1,404 Tel Arad      
1,405 Andy Kilner disgusting.... Leeds, UK  
1,406 Deleuze      
1,407 Steven Ketelaar      
1,408 Brent Garber      
1,409 NOEL   Toulouse Education Nationale
1,410 Greg Reilly      
1,411 Dennis Jørgensen      
1,412 Munch try to own internet is a bad thing France  
1,413 Douglas Muth I am outraged at Verisign's behavour!  They are abusing their position as a domain registrar to typo-squat on other domains and bring in millions of pageviews per day in an anti-competitive way.  They should have their registrar status revoked immediately! Philadelphia, PA  
1,414 lanoix arnaud      
1,415 H.B. Weinberg verisign sucks Massachusetts  
1,416 Desmond Daignault      
1,417 Timo van prooijen      
1,418 Nicolas Noble     Europe Online
1,419 Logan Attwood Dumb asses.    
1,420 HEYSE   FRANCE  
1,421 WilliamM.Fender-Westwind   Portland,Oregon  
1,422 Claveau Verisign won't have my personnal typing error. France Planet earth
1,423 Viard      
1,424 CHEA Laurent   France  
1,425 Jonde Mathieu   France  
1,426 Laurent Leroy   France  
1,427 Jeroen Roos      
1,428 Dave Carrigan      
1,429 LOVAGLIO Benoit   Paris Atos Origin
1,430 Andrew Cattau      
1,431 John F. Bell III   Houston, TX, USA  
1,432 Grijzen      
1,433 Roel Gloudemans   The Netherlands  
1,434 Dries Verachtert   Â
1,435 Ivo Janssen   Austin, TX  
1,436 Richard L. Chambers WLS will stifle competition and hurt consumers Chattanooga, TN R. Lee Chambers Company LLC d/b/a http://domainstobeseen.com
1,437 Yachar   PARIS  
1,438 Michael Burns   Calgary, Alberta, Canada Cosbit Inc.
1,439 BRUN      
1,440 Jk van Diepenbrugge nobody owns public resources The Netherlands  
1,441 Franck Babin   Quebec (Canada)  
1,442 Doug Dingus I no longer trust them oregon  
1,443 COLLET   france  
1,444 Tristan Schmurr   Luxembourg Europe Online Investments SA
1,445 Rob Wildermann   Durham, NC, USA  
1,446 William Garrison The didn't even post an RFC Baltimore, MD  
1,447 Frank Petersen   DK  
1,448 Ivan Warren      
1,449 Jeremy Portzer   Durham, North Carolina, USA  
1,450 Mark Crocker I would drop Verisign if they didn't already have my money. NJ, USA  
1,451 Nick Less I'm a Frenchie France  
1,452 Yann GROSSEL      
1,453 David Raymond   England  
1,454 Bryce Jasmer      
1,455 Nicolas Thauvin Make $$ from our mistakes ? Bwah ! France  
1,456 Maxime Ritter   France  
1,457 Abel Hianda      
1,458 Josh Zerlan Strip all authority to manage TLDs from Verisign Kansas Sprint PCS
1,459 Mark Derckx      
1,460 Mark Nelson   Minnesota  
1,461 Dave Weeden   Wales, UK  
1,462 Vasseur Ronald   France  
1,463 Stéphane ROBERT   France  
1,464 Rollo Tomasi      
1,465 Priyadi Iman Nurcahyo      
1,466 Cyrille Masson   Lyon, France  
1,467 David   France.  
1,468 fabrice legrand   France  
1,469 Schoubben Francois hate this "make anything becomes money" vision belgium FNDP & Namurlug
1,470 Thomas BOUTON      
1,471 Mark Plowman   The Netherlands Hexapole Automatisisering
1,472 Mathew Sim      
1,473 hocwp      
1,474 Tom Shaw Not happy. Perth, Australia  
1,475 Vasil Kolev   Sofia, Bulgaria Ancient Media
1,476 James Cummings     Carnegie Mellon University
1,477 Roberto Maltagliati   Italy 01 INFORMATICA SRL
1,478 Dave Haxton   United States Clear Blue Innovations, LLC
1,479 Vidar Tyldum      
1,480 Ferréol de Soras      
1,481 Hardy Damien   France  
1,482 Jarl Christian Berentsen Verisigns actions are not what we expect from a TLD registrar Norway Funcom
1,483 Pipo Grégory Verisign MUST respect IETF work ! France, Roissy en Brie  
1,484 Sean Oelkers   West Point, NE Point Computer Systems LLC
1,485 Beynet      
1,486 Ted Swinyar      
1,487 Rienco van der Mooren      
1,488 Philippe Lherisson too bad Lyon France  
1,489 Patrick McGuire      
1,490 de Villemeur      
1,491 Monte Cahn   Pompano Beach Florida and World Wide Moniker.com and DomainSystems.com
1,492 Peter Wallace Please stop this abuse of the DNS system California  
1,493 Arnaud Fontaine If you don't like our cyberspace, don't break it, just leave it. Thank you. Paris, France  
1,494 Sidoine PIERREL      
1,495 David R. Matusiak ICANN/VeriSign, Please let the standards groups do their job! Carrboro, NC  
1,496 Renko   Netherlands  
1,497 Michael Batchelor I agree with all points raised in this petition Los Angeles, California, USA Ticketmaster
1,498 Michael K. a poil !   The Input / Output Corporation
1,499 Erwann Gaudal      
1,500 Jannik Holm   Copenhagen Mondo A/S
1,501 blondon      
1,502 Samuel Chantaraud No need to flood their servers, they do it themselves :) France  
1,503 Gaétan RYCKEBOER This silly decision blows up all spam counter-mesures we could deploy. France Virtual-Net
1,504 Travis Bradshaw   Kansas State University  
1,505 bkor      
1,506 Jeffrey Ross   Parsippany, NJ Altria Corporate Services
1,507 Bertrand Didier Please respect the "Netiquette" ! Belgium  
1,508 Marco van Raaij   ZWOLLE - Netherlands Datarack webhosting
1,509 Remco Mels      
1,510 Davy Stéphane   France  
1,511 D. Mark Douglas Silly Verisign, you just wrapped a noose around your neck and kicked out the chair all by yourself... Toronto, On, Canada Bell Canada
1,512 jean-marie favreau no comment... France  
1,513 Barotin Stephane   France  
1,514 Joel Savignon Open Source software maintainer France NeoSystem
1,515 entius stop the abuse netherlands  
1,516 Nepote, Charles      
1,517 Martin M. Pedersen      
1,518 Cédric Roux Please, respect standards. Paris, France University Paris 6 - LIP6 - ASIM
1,519 M Reijerse   The Netherlands East Site
1,520 John Thornton Action without forethought is irresponsible! England JTD Ltd.
1,521 de villele      
1,522 L. Meerkerk      
1,523 Joseph H King, Sr. This is yet another reason I will never deal with NetSol/Verisign. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ItsMine.com
1,524 Nicolas Relange      
1,525 Justin Taylor Bajko   Johnson City, TN  
1,526 Oscar Steenmann   Amsterdam  
1,527 Arnaud Vincent   France  
1,528 Jeff Goeters   Chicago, IL Best Way Technologies, Inc.
1,529 Ram Rajadhyaksha      
1,530 Haquin   France  
1,531 Dorothy Sasscer Verisign needs to be fined for this. Port Chester, NY  http://www.djohnstons.com
1,532 Guillaume Desticourt   france  
1,533 Aaron Weeks You just destroyed the fiht against SPAM, how lovely.    
1,534 Olivier Bregeras   france  
1,535 James Campbell Abuse of a privileged position with unchecked power. Knoxville, TN C4 Solutions, Inc
1,536 Dan Schlitt Domain name owner Lincoln, Nebraska Retired sysem administrator
1,537 Chris Lamb      
1,538 Matteo SISA   Milano, Italy Università Statale degli Studi
1,539 J Y Tuinhof      
1,540 Dominique ROUSSEAU Verisign should burn in hell    
1,541 Mat      
1,542 Malcolm Heath      
1,543 Raymond Kasiman      
1,544 Jérôme Nègre   France  
1,545 Jesper Friis      
1,546 romain      
1,547 hugo http://www.open-rsc.org/ France Â
1,548 Rob Brown   San Francisco  
1,549 svetoslavsky      
1,550 Jérôme Lebeau   Orsay, France  
1,551 Sébastien      
1,552 Van de Wyngaert Verisign sucks    
1,553 Musta Kaapu      
1,554 Mario Solares      
1,555 Andrew Hardy   England  
1,556 Pascal de Kloe   quies network
1,557 Dan Zmijewski      
1,558 Jacques MICHAU amazing FRANCE  
1,559 romain      
1,560 Jeffrey L Williams      
1,561 Chevallereau Guillaume   France  
1,562 Jens Teislev Verisign sucks Spain Teislev Holding
1,563 Martijn Boerwinkel   The Netherlands  
1,564 Stuart D. Gathman The web is not the internet Fairfax, VA Business Management Systems, Inc.
1,565 Stephan Koledin      
1,566 Hans de Kloe   Hans de Kloe Transport BV
1,567 David Cook   Hawaii  
1,568 moulay      
1,569 Michael Schnake Nice move for a company whose entire business is based on the value of trust... Germany  
1,570 Adrien Beau   Paris, France  
1,571 RAMEAU Xavier   FRANCE E-LaSer
1,572 Maarten te Paske   Utrecht, The Netherlands  
1,573 Patryk Garkun   Germany  
1,574 Christopher Merrill Verisign should be required to follow the IETF specs. Raleigh, NC Web Performance, Inc.
1,575 Adam Montague      
1,576 Annemieke de Kloe   Â
1,577 Earl Chancellor Verisign should be prevented from this dishonest practice    
1,578 Andrew Alexander   Clawson, MI Ford Motor Company
1,579 pedron yannick   france  
1,580 Jacob Sparre Andersen   Sardegna, Italia  
1,581 englert guillaume   France  
1,582 Patrice Le Gurun   Rennes  
1,583 Niels Werensteijn      
1,584 John Stewart Ridiculous abuse of power! Breaks tons of stuff! Madison, WI Artesyn Communication Products
1,585 Justin B. Newman   North Bethesda, MD  
1,586 Jean Charles Delépine sed s/if Verisign refuses, // petition Amiens, France Université de Picardie Jules Verne
1,587 Julien LEROY   Paris, France DDB
1,588 Paquet Bertrand      
1,589 LIPP Simon   France  
1,590 Nick Andrew      
1,591 Frank Neergaard      
1,592 Andrew Stewart      
1,593 Ben Shelton      
1,594 Robin Putters      
1,595 Jaquemet Lamentable Europe  
1,596 Guilhem VALENTIN   Toulouse, FRANCE 123Multimedia
1,597 Jeroen v. Yperen   The Netherlands Utwente University
1,598 Sylvain Biancardini   France Triphaze
1,599 Gordon Wheeler   UK  
1,600 Erik Sperling Johansen   Athens, Greece Aventurine SA
1,601 Scot      
1,602 Alex Monro Verisign are clearly conducting abuse of the internet, and must be stopped before it degenerates into total anarchy. Exeter, UK  
1,603 Elgi      
1,604 Sameli   Switzerland  
1,605 Ian Tester   Bathurst, Australia  
1,606 Capron Paul   France  
1,607 guilluy money = crazyness belgium  
1,608 Laurent Pinchart   Belgium Capflow
1,609 Yvon Henel   France  
1,610 john Holder Verisign must be stopped Austin L5 software Group, www.l5sg.com
1,611 Sean R Fitzsimmons   Shelby Township, MI  
1,612 Massimiliano Masserelli Please stop abusing the net Italy  
1,613 fsoyer Internet : "réseau créé par tous, pour tous"... ah bon? France  
1,614 Brent McCrackin Sitefinder breaks my SPAM filters! Toronto, Canada Bell Canada
1,615 Nils Andersen Röed   Bloemendaal, Netherlands  
1,616 Xavier Rampino      
1,617 Cary Christian   Miami Peak Consulting, Inc.
1,618 Diot so you die, the resistance lives on France Lambda labs
1,619 Tim Vruwink      
1,620 Thomas Jorgenesn   Denmark  
1,621 Harri Hämäläinen   Finland  
1,622 Eric Daspet   France  
1,623 Michael R. Belote   Macon, GA Mercer University
1,624 LEMAIGNAN      
1,625 Thomas Butler      
1,626 Jean-Marc Boursot   France Ankeo
1,627 Dumont that's a shame ! France Universite Lille 1
1,628 Spyworld   France SRI
1,629 Svavar Lúthersson   Iceland  
1,630 Michel DEPEIGE   Toulouse, France lc475.net
1,631 Javier Zayas Stop the friggin abuse. Make the Net better, not slower California  
1,632 Jean-François Mezei Was there even some proper consultative process ? Montréal, Canada  
1,633 Olivier Delclos   France  
1,634 Jb renard      
1,635 Olivier Chappey Garcia      
1,636 jamie rishaw   chicago il arpa.com
1,637 LUQUIN Stop verisign Abuse NOW ! France Neuronnexion
1,638 John Zittlau      
1,639 FIX   FRANCE - Metz  
1,640 Andrewski Mickishinski Even worse than "friendly HTTP error messages" :( Miami, FL  
1,641 Andrew Wilcox   Wales, UK alttag
1,642 Marc Wils   Belgium  
1,643 Chris Wathan     TrafficFiend Inc.
1,644 Chris O Byrne      
1,645 VIAUD Nicolas   France Micropole Univers
1,646 Alberto Capelli   Italia  
1,647 Craig Condit      
1,648 Matthew Hunter      
1,649 Timothy Lee      
1,650 Naulet Stephane Lamentable    
1,651 Christophe KINNE   Strasbourg, FRANCE  
1,652 Iolaire McKinnon   Gibraltar VCW
1,654 Richard Steenbergen      
1,655 Cavigneaux      
1,656 Jean-Claude AYGALENQ      
1,657 Ben Collver      
1,659 Mike Freeman      
1,660 Rafael Bonilla      
1,661 Chris Snyder   Grand Rapids, MI MVP Software
1,662 Frédéric Logier   France Taonix
1,663 Pieter Nobels   Belgium  
1,664 Olivier DUTFOY   France Ming Computer
1,665 Laura Mezzetti      
1,666 Jasper Smit I finally managed to switch off msn auto search, now they begin with sitefinder!    
1,667 crochu   france n/a
1,668 Mark Reynolds At least you could turn the Microsoft rubbish off! Disgusting.    
1,669 Tom Hui   Canada  
1,670 Amanda Rustem      
1,671 CHEVE   france  
1,672 Karthik Arumugham   Quincy, MA  
1,673 LUCAS stop it !!!! FRANCE  
1,674 Davy Please stop abuse France  
1,675 Daniel Kraaij this is totally obsurd of verisign, anyway to sue them? Netherlands UMF Network
1,676 Anthony Lichnewsky stop it !!!!! Houston TX  
1,677 christian malo      
1,678 Jordan Ritter F Verisign. San Francisco, California  
1,679 Bill Corcoran stop the big companies from doing whatever they wish! Syracuse NY MercyHosting.com
1,680 Olivier Cahagne   France  
1,681 jean-marie pacquet   france florian informatique
1,682 M. Jean-francois   FRANCE  
1,683 TIGER Stop it now ! France  
1,684 Fenet S.      
1,685 David Anderson Verisign should pay for the damage to the normality of the internet! France  
1,686 Doumergue   Paris  
1,687 Timothy van Wijk      
1,688 Peter Steveninck   France  
1,689 gody stupid dombo's. as if someone would even use their sitefinder? NOT !!! The Netherlands  
1,690 Guillaume ARTUS   FRANCE  
1,691 eric demars   france  
1,692 Eric Silberstein  France Â
1,693 Maikel Poot a domain that not exist, must not return a page. Netherlands Student / Domain Owner
1,694 DELEPINE Bertrand To stop a bad joke from verisign Amiens  
1,695 Lesouef Emmanuel      
1,696 Tim Yocum Verisign's actions have caused issues for end users and adminstrators alike. Clearly they are going against the public will and good reason despite being warned of possible issues by the IAB. Chicago, IL  
1,697 mucchietto Cyrille      
1,698 Odile Boutleux   France  
1,699 Edward Thomson   Champaign, IL Rave Communications, LLC
1,700 Mark van Voorden   Zaltbommel, Gelderland, Netherlands None
1,701 Jennifer Boger      
1,702 Antoine Schweitzer-Chaput      
1,703 Guido Passet   Netherlands Primerelay
1,704 Goussard Laurent Internet is not Verisign's property. France Lycos
1,705 Matthew Adie Verisign should not be permitted this much power. Montreal Montreal Media
1,706 Mark Clarridge      
1,707 Leconte Guillaume   Paris  
1,708 Etanisla Lopez-Ortiz      
1,709 Daniel Malament      
1,710 Pierre Gambarotto      
1,711 lecocq      
1,712 kakaouete      
1,713 Di Chappari Jean-Yves      
1,714 Kurt Schlatzer   Raleigh, NC  
1,715 James Cornman Make it stop! Denville, NJ CRNC
1,716 Elisa Valtosi   Bologna  
1,717 Mathieu LESNIAK   France Lycos
1,718 Roux You suck! France pacageek.org
1,719 Chris Burkhardt domain name owner Broomfield, Colorado  
1,720 Ed Schouten I think it's mad!!! Grave, Netherlands Student
1,721 Dave Stead   UK  
1,722 Jussi Leino   Finland  
1,723 Hendrik van Antwerpen   Netherlands  
1,724 Stephane THIEBAUT   France (Lyon)  
1,725 Kees Hogewoning   The Netherlands  
1,726 Darrell Larose This indicates VeriSign feels it owns the Internet. They were for all purposes given the .tld, now they have the wildcard lookup, which says they own the web. Well maybe they should buy the web, and all the 'free infra-structure" before they try to control it. Today Verisign is hi-jacking unassigned domain names, but can blocking domains be far off. If Coke pays more than Pepsi will VeriSign block Pepsi? Ottawa, Canada *
1,727 M.C. van Velden   The Netherlands  
1,728 Massip what is it done for if not for lucratic purposes ? France  
1,729 A.Moret      
1,730 Xarli En espérant que de tels agissements cessent Paris, France  
1,731 Arliguy abuse France none
1,732 David Jolley   UK  
1,733 Caspar Minning behave! Netherlands UMF
1,734 Richard Rodger   Ireland  
1,735 Leighton Earl   London  
1,736 M Buijsman   Amsterdam, NL TTY Internet Solutions BV
1,737 Jeroen Klomp   The Nederlands  
1,738 Neil      
1,739 Benoit Plessis The USA WAS a freedom country, but when ? France  
1,740 Robert Eager An appalling abuse of monopoly    
1,741 Joseph Marcelletti Verisign has crossed the line.. TOO FAR New Jersey Sprynex Internet Solutions, LLC.
1,742 Helgi Hrafn Gunnarsson I was under the apparently false impression VeriSign wanted to be respected and trusted. Iceland Iceland Telecom
1,743 Michael Cheuvront STOP VERISIGN DNS ABUSE    
1,744 Ronald A. McCormick I believe that Verisign should be sanctioned for this abuse of thier monopoly power. Aurora, IL  
1,745 Castelli   Marseille (France)  
1,746 Gaultier CHARTON   Paris, France  
1,747 Boulard Free the Internet ! France  
1,748 Jason Landers Stop Verisign Maryland, US  
1,749 meslard      
1,750 Michael Sandford      
1,751 Mathias Bavay   Columbus, GA CRT Holdings Inc.
1,752 Jeremy      
1,753 Thauvin   France  
1,754 Lascar Pierre   France  
1,755 Michael Jones Petition content says it all, I think. UK  
1,756 alix frederic   FRANCE  
1,757 Pooh Bear      
1,758 North   Switzerland  
1,759 Sami Haahtinen They should revoke the right to manage domain names from verisign because of this stunt. Finland  
1,760 Donald Harvill   NE Tennessee, USA foetusized.org
1,761 MARTINET What about DNS rules protections against SPAM ?! FRANCE OVERSCAN
1,762 Steve Mannering This is just plain abuse. No one should be able to do this. Lincoln, NE  
1,763 Jacob Beeusaert FREE THE INTERNET Belgium  
1,764 Linda Costello      
1,765 Roux You suck! France pacageek.org
1,766 David Mills      
1,767 Tim Butler      
1,768 Scott D. Yelich this is only the beginning, but still ... NYC n/a
1,769 Graham Hamd   Hamilton, Ontario  
1,770 Carel      
1,771 T. O. Mathisen      
1,772 Bill Wolf      
1,773 E. Boaz This behavior of VeriSign is simply despicable. I believe they have overstepped their requirement to run the domain name infrastructure of the Internet with this pathetic attempt at hijacking a public resource for their private profit.    
1,774 Andrew Duca      
1,775 Richard McAllister      
1,776 Jonas Anderson      
1,777 Stephen Hebditch      
1,778 Lee Perreault   Worcester, MA  
1,779 Michael Thompson   Greenville, North Carolina  
1,780 Ryan Freeman verisign needs to be stopped Duncan, BC, Canada  
1,781 Richard Gold     Uppsala University
1,782 Continsouzas   Toulouse - France  
1,783 Hoez Mathias etpuis quoi encore !!!! LILLE user
1,784 REVERTERA Jean   Switzerland EIF
1,785 Kjartan Bjonsson   Iceland  
1,786 Andy Schmitt   Portland, OR, USA  
1,787 meyer      
1,788 William Robinet      
1,789 manu ils s'y croivent... manosque (france)  
1,790 juan      
1,791 John Swinbank   Oxford, UK  
1,792 Sigmund Solares      
1,793 Doug Clements      
1,794 Julien Jehannet   Paris  
1,795 kowalski   france  
1,796 Guyang Mao .net and .com should be given to someone more responsible and capable to run them